Thursday, October 16, 2008

15 months & 2 months!!

Troy at 2 months.

Brooklyn at 2 months. I can't believe how strong she was!
Brooklyn had her 15 month wellness check up last week, and Troy had his 2 month check-up today. Both are doing great and are very healthy! Here are the stats:

Brooklyn at 15 months: 21 lbs 8 oz (25th percentile, up from the 5th! Yea!), 30.25 in. (25th percentile)

Troy at 2 months: 13 lbs 8 oz (75th percentile), 24 in. (75th percentile)
And for old time's sake...Brooklyn at 2 months: 12 lbs 2 oz, 23 in long

Brooklyn rolled over for the first time the day she turned 2 months, but no pressure Troy! We love our 2 adorable kiddos and feel so blessed to be their parents. You all know the old cliche, "Time goes by so fast!" Well, I never knew how fast it flew by until I had kids. They grow up so fast and before you know it they're throwing "beautiful" little tantrums. Just yesterday I had my first incident of having to FORCE Brooklyn back into the stroller and I literally had to hold her down with my leg in order to get the straps fastened. I was totally laughing and I'm sure to anyone who saw me, probably thought I was enjoying "torturing" my sweet little child. Good times! On another note, Brooklyn still LOVES being a big sister. Troy loves Brooklyn too and often gives her sweet smiles. But most of the time, he just looks like this..."Save me Mom!"


Hokie Family said...

Hey Marcie-
Your kids are so cute. Troy is so big. So I went back to my natural color. I don't know why I ever strayed from it. Thanks!

Carrie said...

Hey Marcie, Glad you posted some new pictures of the kids. Troy looks so much like Erik. And cute outfit on Brooklyn. : ) They do get big fast and hold on tight for the tantrums. You may have been smiling this time, but that fades fast. I usually want to scream! Maybe next time I'll try smiling and see if that helps.

Mandi said...

Is he really 2 months already? He is a chunk! (In a good way!) It is nice to see some other chubby little babies...I thought mine were all alone! lol He's darling!

Cassie said...

Marcie, you are such a great mom. I can't wait to meet Troy. He looks so cute. Happy Birthday Erik.