Saturday, October 4, 2008

Alkai Beach

We went to Alkai for FHE this past week with our good friends the Rigtrups to take pictures. We had a fun time posing and goofing off. Brooklyn was in heaven. And the view of the Seattle skyline couldn't have been better. I have tons more pictures, but for some reason they aren't showing up. Hmmm... This is Ella posing with Brooklyn. She's "famous," so I HAD to post a picture of her. (She thinks she's famous because of the song that has her name in it...Ella, Ella). :) Isn't she a cutie? Brooklyn LOVES her!


Philip and Melissa said...

Oh my gracious....I love Alkai beach!!!! i miss it a ton, and I love the pics of troy..what a doll!!!

The Wi Family said...

How fun! Isn't Seattle beautiful? You look great by the way! Can't believe you just had a baby. Good for you:)