Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've been tagged!

This is a tag about your kids, thanks Melissa for including anyone who read yours! I've been wanting to be tagged. :)

Name: Brooklyn Joy
Age: 1 year July 11th!!
Favorite foods: Loves bananas. She's getting kind of picky lately actually. She'll eat pretty much anything if we feed her, but if it's on her tray she probably won't eat it. Little stinker.
Favorite Music: She LOVES Primary songs. I put them on at home and they instantly calm her down and she starts dancing. She likes country too.
Favorite toys: Balls, any cubbards she can get into and take everything out of. Gotta love finding little trails everywhere and constantly cleaning up after her!
Favorite books: Brooklyn isn't very interested in books. She'll bring us her little disney books, but she just wants to play keep away with them and couldn't care less what they say inside. :)
Favorite items: She LOVES my brush and her combs. She really enjoys brushing her hair lately. Oh and she LOVES the remote controls and tries to get them from us all the time. She thinks she's so sneaky.
What makes me sad: She SCREAMS when Daddy leaves for work. It's really kind of sweet and sad at the same time. She also hates it I am on the computer and not giving her my undivided attention. Drama queen!

I tag whoever reads this and wants to do this tag! :)


vanessa said...

cute post, i can't believe you guys are closing in on #2!!! i didn't know her b-day was the 11th, that is my nephews and boe's is the 13th!!! have a good 4th!