Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've been tagged! 10 random things people may not know about me...

Hmm, I'll try to think of 10, but I'm having a hard time. I'm just not that exciting I guess! :)

#1 I love to run. I can't wait to use my double jogging stroller! My goal after this baby is to run Robie Creek in April. Anyone can join me if they want! : ) Then I think I'll attempt my 1st full marathon in the summer or fall.

#2 I lived in New York City for 2 years while going to musical theatre school. Fun times!

#3 I would live in New York in a heartbeat, yup, kids and all. I love that city and miss it so much!

#4 I became an aunt when I was only 4 years old. Everyone called me the "baby aunt."

#5 I have 34 neices and nephews and I'm having the 36th grandchild!

#6 I've had 3 concussions. The 1st was from falling in the hurdles at districts, the 2nd was from falling while waterskiing (who knew you could get a concussion from water?), and the 3rd was from being dropped while rehearsing for a musical.

#7 I REALLY want to go hang-gliding after I have this baby. Maybe next year for my birthday? Hint, hint. I'd love to go skydiving again too.

#8 I grew up in the same house my whole life. It's funny because when I was younger I REALLY wanted to live in a neighborhood like all my other friends (except for you Ash, we both lived in the boonies!), but now I TOTALLY understand why my parents chose that area.

#9 I love to cook and plan parties. I'd love to be a caterer/party planner someday. I like to bake too, but I really stink at it. I can't wait to actually have a house where we can have people over and entertain! Stupid Seattle housing prices. : )

#10 I would really like to go to Law school someday, and maybe become a prosecuting attorney when the kids are grown.

I tag Cassie, Nicole, Camille, Kiirsten, & Clarissa!


Snyder Family said...

Those are fun facts about you. I saw that you tagged your daughter and the fun things about her. Wasn't that so much fun! I love reading your blog. You have been pretty busy and with a new one on the way soon. Best wishes!

camillian said...

Okay seriously I can't believe that you have 34 neices and nephews! That is so many! Funny, I mean I know that we knew each other when I lived in Boise but not really well and I think that a lot of it I knew (like I knew you were musical and that you were the youngest...). You're very determined! That's great that you'll be running a marathon. I always dreamnt about it but my exercising has gone way down hill in the past 6 months (I think photography has taken over!).

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to Brooklyn! Also, it brought back fun memories reading all of your tags! Visiting you in New York - you were the best tour guide! You were also the cutest "baby aunt"! The years go by so quickly! You are such a wonderful mother to Brooklyn, and we are excited to watch your family grow! Love you! Love, Heather