Thursday, February 14, 2013

The one with 3 adorable and 1 handsome Valentine

Stayed up way too late the night before Valentine's, making sure everything was prepped and ready. Croissant french toast casserole-check. Dressed up Valentine breakfast table-check. Kids and hubby's Valentine's out and ready-check. Valentine's cookies decorated-check. Preschool lesson prepared and Valentine crafts ready-check. Eating a lemon bar I had been saving for a week at midnight (I don't eat past 8pm anymore, but midnight is technically the next day)-check.

And now today (as in right now), I am running on Diet coke, and adrenaline. How did my Mom do it all those years?! She always made EVERY holiday extra special and never seemed to blink an eye while doing it. She's awesome. So is my dad. END OF STORY. :)

Beautiful flowers Erik surprised me with last Friday (we celebrated V-day early and went out on the town to a Brazilian rodizo. Good stuff)

Oh man, she's my little goof-ball. Crazy hair and all

Troy wanted his picture with his sandwich

Brooklyn wanted her angry face in the picture. Mmm-kay

All ready for breakfast


My attempt at a Valentine's day picture of the kids. Love their funny personalities.

Brooklyn, always the DIVA, working the camera. 

Preschool!! Handing out Valentine's. Fun times. 


Meg said...

I went to 3 class parties today and I am straight up exhausted. I have no idea how my mother did it, either.

B's hair is adorable!

Taryn said...

YOUR KIDS ARE SO CUTE!!! I'm dying. Darling heart-hair! And you are seriously super mom!! You are such a cute mommy and I'm sure they loved valentines day! LOVE YA!!

The Merricks said...

I love the heart hair! It is so cute. I am still trying to talk Adele into letting me do a pony tail...

Nicole Cope said...

Oh my gosh, Brooklyn cracks me up! Little poser. Oh and I love how Troy thinks she's hilarious. Can't wait to live close to you!!