Monday, February 11, 2013

The one with the 18 month old +

Savannah turned 18 months in December ! I can hardly believe she will be two in 6 months. Seems like yesterday she was in my belly! Some of her 18 month accomplishments include: Talking! Lots, and lots of talking...her vocabulary exploded around 16 months, and hasn't stopped! Her favorite word (at 18 months) is Hi! And says it to anyone, and everyone who passes by within shouting distance. Another favorite is "Stop!" She says it mainly in correlation to her brother or sister doing something she does not like including, but not limited to: singing, picking her up, taking her toys, touching her hand, touching her foot, touching her arm, just touching her in general, especially while in the car. Savannah is still our little comedian, and is constantly making us laugh with her antics.

Now at 20 months, she has an even BIGGER vocabulary, pretty much repeating everything we say. She has even started saying sentences..."Where's my paci?" "I wanna go nigh-nigh" etc. She also still loves to sing "I Am a Child of God," and has excellent pitch! Seriously, she stays right in tune. I think she may be our little singer. She loves her babies, and hordes them all in her bed at night (just like her big brother does with all his stuffed animals). She loves her millions of blankets as well, and notices when even just one is missing (she literally sleeps with 5 blankets. Two on her sides, two on the top, and one just has to be visible in the crib). She loves to go buh-byes, and loves wearing her hat, gloves, AND scarf. Don't even THINK about letting her out of the house without her scarf! :) Savannah still goes to sleep around 6 or 6:30, and wakes up pretty consistently between 7 and 7:30. This girl loves her sleep! Much like her Mama I suppose. She experienced her first real big, serious illness this past month, pneumonia  Poor little thing! Troy and Brooklyn had double ear infections at the same time. Luckily, they are all such easy-going kids, that I really had no idea they were so sick, but luckily followed a premonition that I needed to take them in to the Dr. Anyway, Savannah is such a dream child, always has been. Oh, she has started throwing little tantrums though, but they are actually quite hilarious. And it's usually because of not getting to sit at the table like the big kids. She wants to grow up too fast!

18 month stats: 23 lbs 13 oz (25-50%) Length: 33 1/4 in (90%), head circum:46cm (25-50%)

She is all girl!