Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The one with the work party

The kids got their time to party, now it's the adults turn! We had a blast this year dressing up and doing a little "gambling" at the annual NAES Christmas party (they have an entertainment comp come in and set up gambling tables with all sorts of games. You play with fake money, so it's kinda fun since we don't gamble in real life!). A fun date night out is always a hot commodity around here.
I didn't realize I looked this lumpy in this dress. Oh well. Still had fun!
Apparently, after we left, the party started. lol Thanks again Lori and Sam for watching the kids!


aubrey said...

um. whatEVER. you look gorgeous in that's very flattering on you. {p.s. you always look gorgeous.}

Auna Leigh said...

I think u look HOT in that dresss! Not just sayn'! Ur beautiful!

The Merricks said...

Love the dress, don't know what your talking about you look great!