Thursday, December 29, 2011

The one with the squash

I can't believe it. 6 months have flown by already! It seems like only yesterday I was going into labor, walking through the hospital lobby having to stop mid-stride for contractions to pass, then being wheeled through the hall after the emergency c-section and wondering when I would be able to see my beautiful baby girl in NICU. I am happy to report that she is still a happy, healthy baby!!!
She is still such a happy, easy-going baby. At 6 months she can sit up (for about 30 seconds, and actually just started this a couple days ago, about 1 week after her official 6-month bday), eats baby food (and even likes green beans!), loves to be rocked to sleep, still loves to sleep with mommy and daddy (when we let her. Usually when I'm too lazy and tired to rock her back to sleep in the morning), ADORES her big brother and sister, squeals and shakes whenever Daddy comes near, still hasn't rolled from her back to tummy but I'm pretty sure she could, she just prefers her back, still has big bright blue eyes, and she loves to grab everything and anything she can  (including orange slices, forks, hair OUCH!!) then shove it into her mouth as quickly as possible, just to get a taste. We couldn't be more in love with our sweet Savannah!!

Oh, what a love!! I can't resist those chubby cheeks.

"Ohm num num"

Her stats: 15 lbs 3.3 oz (25%)
                 26.5 in long (75%)
                 42 cm head circ. (25%)  Shocking, I know! She looks like she has a huge noggin',but it's pretty proportionate I guess!


Lori said...

I cant believe she's six months old! And it sounds like she will be tall, dainty, and with a normal-sized head :) I do love that girl so. Such sweet smiley pics!

Meg said...

ooh you're about to enter the BEST baby stages! Sleepy newborns are yummy, but nothing beats the 8 month stage where their little personalities explode!

Sessions said...

Cute family Marci! Nice to catch up even if it is through blogs:)

Taryn said...

she is adorable!! love her!

Claire said...

Love the messy face pictures. Cali is staring rice cereal and I cant seem to feed her fast enough. BTW, at 4 months my Cali weighed 15 lbs, 10 oz. I have chunky babies!