Monday, August 8, 2011

We love it when Grandma and Grandpa come!

I completely neglected to blog about my parents visit. And I can't even believe I only have this photo to share! My Mom was here too. I'm so mad I didn't get more pictures! Anyway, they came for a few days when Savannah was just a few weeks old. It is always so fun to have them visit. The kids absolutely adore them, and love every minute with them. They especially enjoy the annual visit to Bhoemm's candy factory. :) Erik and I especially enjoy the meat they bring! It's a gift that gives year-round. We love you Mom and Dad!!


Brittany said...

that is such a sweet picture of the kids with your dad! you were having too much to remember to take pictures! :) i do the same thing when I'm with my family.

Taryn said...

so cute! i love you all! :)

Nicole said...

Cute. I miss grandpa. It will be nice to see them at the wedding. I hear you're coming too?! Yay!! Can't wait to meet Savanah! Speaking of which, I agree with you about them looking alike. I have seriously thought that a couple times myself. We'll have to get a picture of the two together. Love ya!