Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mr. Thankful

I love Sunday's. I love asking my kids what they learned in their classes and looking at their pictures/handouts they bring home. Yesterday, Troy brought home a handout with his "Thankful Tree" on it. Troy said he is thankful for, "Family, Football (Erik has been brainwashing him since birth!lol), food, toys, and his Birthday." I loved his answers, and they are so him!! My first thought was, "Boy, I'm super thankful for your birthday too buddy." He is my sweet little man!! We've been duking it out lately (he has entered the turmoltuous 3's), but I sure love this little guy. He makes me laugh and smile every day. And makes me yell every day too. But I am trying to remind myself that this little boy is on loan from our loving Heavenly Father and it is my responsibility to love and take care of him. I'm sure Heavenly Father would never raise his voice to him. My goal this week (and from here on out), is to try and remember that. Speaking of birthday's, Troy just celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 16th! He wanted an Ironman party with just his "best friends." No girls allowed!! We tried to convince him to invite some of his girl friends, in order to get more presents (haha), but he persisted! So an all boy party we had...well except for myself and Brooklyn.
Troy is such a smart little guy and knows all of his letters, can count to about 30 (sometimes he misses a few numbers), knows his numbers by sight (up to 12), has an amazing throwing arm (and one proud papa!), can run super fast (and his arms pump just about as fast as his little legs can carry him), and he is a great baseball player. He is very close to being able to write his name (the "Y" is a little tough still). It definitely helps to have a short name (as opposed to Brooklyn and Savannah lol). He also ADORES his sisters. He can be quite the tease to Brooklyn, but he loves her so much and can be very sweet when he wants to be. :) Anyway, we are so proud of our smart, strong, sweet little man! We love you Troy!

Our birthday boy. Check out that shiner!! And that was over a week old even. Got it in nursersy. That's a tough place you know. lol


Brooklyn was so excited for Troy. She is such a sweet sister!

Ya, I know, kind of creepy right?! But he loves his football team!

Umm, spoiled much?! Good thing most of it was on clearance. Time to clear out some old toys!

His birthday party cake. IRONMAN!!!!

Look at that pouty little bottom lip! The wind blew out his candle.

The presents were "flying!"

Another birthday happened this month...Savannah turned 2 months!!! I still never quite get used to how fast time flies with these sweet, little babies. I wish I could bottle it up and remember every single moment, coo, cuddle, smile, and cry. Thank heavens for the digital world to help us remember a little more. Here are her 2 month stats: Weight: 12lbs7oz! I knew she was a chunk! (75-90%), Height: 24in (90-95%), Head circ.:40cm (75-90%) 
I meant to take a better 2 month old photo on her birthday, but it just didn't happen. We're a little busier around here these days! :) But I love that I caught a little smile!


Brittany said...

I can't believe how behind I am, that I haven't even seen this post! that bday sure was fun - Gabe loved it! Remember his shirt - proof of a really good time, haha! :) I loved your beginning about Troy and how you were thinking about how he is "on loan" really. I like to remember that too. It's a little hard because you feel so possesive about your own kids but it's humbling to remember they really aren't MINE. Also it helps me to remember that since they are His, I am totally entitled to help with raising them! Lots of inspiration... I need it, haha! :)