Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh what do you do in the summer time!?

This past weekend, Seattle reached a warm 80 degrees! We took advantage and went over to the beach on the Sound. What a fun time! The kids enjoyed exploring for shells and other treasures with Daddy, and I basked in the sun (and have the sunburn to prove it!). Our good friends, the Richardsons,  were there too, so it was fun to have some company and of course the kids LOVE their kids. Their son is Troy's "best friend." At least that's what Troy tells me. :)

Once we got home, the kids wouldn't nap (if they fall asleep for even 5 minutes in the car, nap-time is ruined!), so we turned the sprinkler on and they had a ball! There's nothing like the bliss of a first summer-time run through the sprinklers. It was a great Saturday spent with the kids before baby #3, sweet Savannah, gets here. They definitely are sensing a change, so we're trying to spend as much quality time with them as possible before their world is rocked (and ours for that matter!!).

Erik made us a yummy dinner of steak, chicken, ribs, corn and broccoli to top off the great day. He's such a great husband! I love a man who cooks. :) And the Richardson's joined us for a little dessert. Anyway, all in all a wonderful day! We can't wait for warmer weather so we can do things like this more often.


Erik said...

Of course, Troy has about 6 "best friends".

Brittany said...

that was such a fun day - I'm totally excited for the rest of the summer. We got a bbq so we can host some fun dinners too! And it will be fun to have little Savanna join us too! :) Love the pics of Brooklyn in the sprinklers!