Monday, May 23, 2011

Abstract pictures

Troy apparently went a little "Picasso" on his face the other day. He was very proud. I'll take the face over walls any day! :)

 Troy's favorite thing to do is line up cars "on the freeway." And he ALWAYS wants me to take a picture of the traffic jam. I don't even think these are all the cars he owns!

Brooklyn yesterday brought me a picture with a bunch of circles and some scribbles. I asked her what it was of and she said, "It's abstract." Umm, what? So I asked again, and she said, "It's abstract." Me: "It's abstract?" Brooklyn: "Yup!"  Well duh Mom!! Where does she learn this stuff?! lol Love these sweet little kiddos.


Taryn said...

funny! i love your kiddos! :)