Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A look back

It was my month to have the kiddies for preschool. We had so much fun! Tomorrow is our last day for the month, and we still have our field trip to the post office Friday, so there will be another post. Love these kids!

I love Troy's pouty face. At least the other kids were having fun!

Total concentration

Some of their shadows on Groundhog's Day. Looks like an early spring!

Making their Valentine mailboxes.

What a silly boy. Poor G is all surrounded by girls.

The highlight of the day. Opening their Valentine mailboxes to see all their Valentine's!!


Lori said...

That pout is definitely fabulous. Those look like such fun activities, we're way excited for next year.

Brittany said...

preshool is so fun! I have got to take more pics when it's my turn again. Love the one of Gabe - haha!