Thursday, February 17, 2011

I pink puffy heart Valentines!!

Valentine's day is probably one of my favorite "holidays." My mom and dad always made it so fun and such a special day growing up. From pink eggs, to Valentine baskets full of goodies. I don't know how they did it all those years, because I was just exhausted from doing basically the bare minimum this year! I tried to make the day extra fun for the kids. The Saturday before Valentine's day, we headed over to some friends house for a little Valentine's party. The kids decorated sugar cookies (I think Brooklyn used up at least half a bottle of sprinkles, yum!), and the adults played Kinect and the Wii. Fun times!

On the morning of Valentine's the kids ran into my room and surprised me with homemade cards (thanks Erik!) and yummy chocolates. During the day, I just tried to make lunch a little more special than usual with heart shaped pb and j, heart canteloupe, heart sugar cookies, and of course, pink milk. We sat down and watched "Despicable Me" together (instead of just eating lunch then going down for naps). For dinner I made heart shaped calzones, caesar salad, and pink milk. Then to top it off with dessert, we had a yummy chocolate chip cookie pie. Mmmm! I love our little family!!

Check out all those sprinkles! And that was AFTER I took off the excess.

Nice job Troy! He was a little more interested in just eating the chocolate candies.

Sitting down to watch a mid-day movie. Troy was saying "Happy Valentine's Day!!"

Brooklyn showing genuine love for her brother. :)

The dinner table, minus our yummy dessert. Mmm, warm, gooey cookie with melty vanilla ice-cream.


Brianne said...

You are so fun!

Brad said...

Your pics are so cute! I love your kid's smiles!
Brad Fallon