Thursday, January 20, 2011

Year-end round-up

We actually did celebrate Christmas this year...even though I haven't posted about it yet. Better late than never I always say! For Christmas Eve, we had some good friends (the Mortenson's and Cluff's) over for food, the Nativity, and games. Brooklyn was sweet Mary, and Troy was Joseph. And I was of course an angel (just like every other day of the year! ha!). We played a little Just Dance 2 (the little kids LOVED this, especially Brooklyn and McKinley). And it was of course hilarious to watch the men "dance." And I think I got a work-out from it for the first time in a couple months!
Christmas morning was so much fun this year with both kids really understanding and getting involved. They even gave us a gift in return and slept in until 8 am! I'm sure that will never happen again, but we savored the moment/sleep this year. When Brooklyn did wake up, she ran into our room yelling, "Mommy, Daddy, Santa came! Santa came!!!" The kids loved tearing into their gifts and were very gracious and polite. The perfect little Christmas!! Oh, I should mention...on Christmas Eve, one of Santa's elves dropped a couple gifts off on our doorstep for the kids to open. Brooklyn unwrapped hers, found that it was new pajamas, and proceeded to whine that she doesn't "want pajamas, I want a unicorn pillow-pet!!" Yup, proud parent moment for sure. Spoiled much?! lol

Mary was a little sad to have to wear a head-dress.

Our handsome Joseph and "angelic" angel!

McKinley and Brooklyn dancing. They did surprisingly well too. Even beat David a couple times. :)

Brooklyn received make-up for Christmas, and Troy "ran" into it one morning. Yesterday (I didn't get a picture), he had put foundation powder all over his face, and did a surprisingly good job. These pictures will show up on his first date for sure.

New Years!! We had a great New Years. We started off the evening at our friends house (the Rigtrups) for a little pre-party dinner of nachos. Easy and yummy! We tried to get a good family picture, but you all know how that goes with toddlers. After dinner, we headed over to the Peterson's and danced our booties off!! It was such a great party. The kids celebrated New Years at 9, and we took off for home around 10:15ish. We threw the kids in bed, settled on the couch to watch the countdown and both fell asleep before midnight. Yup, we're hard-core these days!

Just a little insight into our lives. They love to wrestle. So funny!

Happy New Year!!!!


Brittany said...

your christmas and new years sounded so FUN!! I love the story about Brooklyn and the xmas eve present disappointment - haha!! :) SHe's got a great spunky streak where she knows what she wants! but at the same time is such a little sweetheart. Both your kiddos are so cute. Loved the pics of them wrestling, playing and posing! Its so fun to see your kids play together - I'm loving it with Gabe and Nyah too.