Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh the memories we make

A couple months ago, Southwest was having FABULOUS deals on flights to Boise. So I called up my parents and told them to get out here and visit their grandchildren!! They thought that was a great idea and told me they'd call me back with dates so I could book their flights. When they called, they told me they had changed their mind, but would rather fly me and the kids out! Umm, ok, twist my arm! So, off we went to Boise. The kids were SO excited to see Grandma and Grandpa!

Ready to fly off to Boise! They were so well-behaved and easy. Even though we had the early morning flight.  

The first thing Troy went for was one of the big tractors. He was in heaven!

Nothin' beats big marshmallows on a fork. What a healthy snack.

Got a little hair-cut while we were there.

Troy had his first professional hair-cut, and wasn't too fond of it. He wouldn't wear the cape, so he had hair everywhere. It was actually pretty comical.

Brookyn and Liv.

She wanted a picture with the turtle. lol

One of the kids favorite things to do: remove all the cushions and build a fort. Or just lay on them and watch cartoons.

Playing house with cousin Aundrea.

We're a couple of dorks. We just couldn't get a good picture of both of us.

I'm loving the quadruple chin. Nice.

So we enlisted Brooklyn to take one for us and this is what we got.

Ya think I need some sunless tanner or what?! Mom, Mel, Me, Elena, Brooklyn.

Please just look at my mom and the kids. Don't pay attention to the pale creature on the right.

Troy had Grandpa wrapped around his little finger.

A great past-time and way to tire them out for bedtime. :)

Brooklyn has always been such a climber and loved climbing up to the tree-house and the BIG ladder on the fort. Scared me to death. Gotta let them go sometime though right?

"I did it!!"

Ever wonder how my dad gets the kids to swing so high? This is his little technique.

Cousin Hailey, and Brooklyn

Most of the Paternoster cousins

At the grandkids party.

Our last night in Boise, there was the most beautiful sunset. I had to capture it!
       We had so much on this trip and weren't really ready to come home! We enjoyed time with Erik's family too, but somehow I managed to not get very many pictures!! Grandma and Grandpa Paternoster held a great party for all the grandkids, while the parents went out. They had so much fun! And when I picked them up, I saw the fun all over their faces (chocolate, suckers, etc). lol  Thanks to all our family for the fun times!!! Can't wait until the next trip.


ej said...

A trip home to Boise and family, it looks like so much fun and I am jealous :)
You and your sister look alike, definitely a family resemblance.
And as far as the white skin, Asians would covet your skin, they go to great measures to have beautiful porcelain skin like yours. I love how I being white is "in" over here, takes all the pressure off me, lol.

Helen Noel Robison Rich said...

It was so good to see you! I love you and are so glad we are friends. Thanks for dinner babe, and taking time to hang with me!

Lori said...

What a fun trip! We definitely missed you guys here. That pic of troy kinda looking down from the swing is killing me, he looks so grown up and handsome!

Brittany said...

oh what a fun trip. I LOve visiting family - its a nice recharge! The kids looked like they had fun with their cousins. And you do not look pale! At least not paler than everyone else in the winter! :) Remember, pale skin is beautiful now! :)