Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday little man...part 2

Our little man turned 2 last week and he is already fulfilling all expectations of a typical 2 year old!  Troy is full of spunk and energy which keeps us on our toes. He loves his big sister but isn't afraid to tell her "what's what!" We had a fun day at the beach in the morning, then a little dinner at Dairy Queen and cake and presents at home. He was so polite and said thankyou before opening every present. What a sweet boy!
Did a little finger painting at his party.
This is Troy's new face he makes all the time, usually when he's trying to be tough.
It wouldn't be a party without a little "tricycle derby!"


banananutmeg said...

Happy Birthday, Troy!
I suppose I should start stocking up on cars and trucks, soon. Corbin won't enjoy playing with Polly Pockets and Ponyville Horses much longer!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Troy! Can't believe he's already two!!!

Nicole Pond said...

Thanks for inviting us to Troy's party. Ruby had such a good time!