Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So much to do, so little time!

So we went to Boise a few weeks ago, and spent about 3 weeks there. What a blast! We didn't want to come home. I really could have stayed another week, which shocked me, but we were just having way too much fun. I just never seem to have enough time to get everything in that I would like. My Mom and Dad are celebrating their 50th anniversary (today actually!) so we threw them a fantastic party while I was there. That party is something I will never forget. And I'm sure those who were there will never forget it either. We enjoyed many things including, hundreds of popsicles, tons of cousins, swimming, slip n sliding, swinging, climbing VERY tall ladders while Mommy freaked out a little, jumping on the tramp until we couldn't jump any more, staying up late then sleeping in, Costa Vida (yumm!!), Blimpie, happy hour at Sonic, reading on the hammock, and so much more I can't even list it all! I have put up an overload of pictures. I toyed with the idea of just doing a slide-show, but I enjoy being able to see each individual picture in full size. So, if you make it to the end, kudos to you! And thanks for sticking with it. lol

Practicing her form for track and field. I made them run hill sprints. lol
Is there anything more joyous than rolling down a hill on a hot summer day?
Covered in just a little grass.
Brooklyn had her first real hair-cut while we were in Boise. Sammy, my mom's hair dresser, and a dear friend of the family, came over and worked her magic. She cut almost 6 whole inches off!! Brooklyn LOVED the attention.
Aww, sweet Aunt Holly.
My Uncle Paul and Aunt Maureen were able to be there, and he would get donuts every morning. Breakfast of champions
Troy just chillin' with cousins Daniel and Trevor.
Melanie did most of the work for the party (she's the only one who lives in Boise anymore). It was so fabulous and she did an amazing job!
Me and my Uncle Val (my Dad's younger brother). Two other sisters of his made the trip over.
Yup, that's right, my mom still fits in her wedding dress!! AMAZING!! And such a sweet moment to see my mom and dad still so in love after 50 years!
They danced the jitter-bug after their slow-dance.
We all joined in for the dancing, and since Erik wasn't there, I grabbed my cute "little" nephew. He was thrilled as you can tell. lol
About half of the grand kids. They sang "Families Can Be Together Forever." We really missed the Whetten kids!!
All of us sisters sang "Someone To Watch Over Me."
What a show-off!!
My cute nieces Tara Brooke and Taryn.
The cool guys. No smiling allowed.
My sisters Melanie and Maureen.
We were a little crazy this night and poor uncle Paul just wanted to read his book. lol
Aunt Maureen and Uncle Paul. LOVE them!!
My niece Megan and her cute little family.
The "infamous" hair. (inside joke obviously)
Our return missionary straight from Tijuana!! Welcome hom Elder Duffy! And Melanie and his mom Heather.
We were quite delirious.
Holly and Maureen.
My friend Melissa was able to come over for a little bit with her cute little Addi. Our kids had a blast together!
All the Paternoster girls (and Jake).
Hanging out with the Balls and Bills.
Do you see that giddy smile?!
We went to Starlight Mountain Theater for date night with the Waters. Fun times! I have a lot of great memories of that place.
A couple of my cousins were in town and we were able to see them (Luann and Kim Relyea) So fun!!


banananutmeg said...

Life is always a party when you are around, Marcie! Looks like so much fun!
Your mom is absolutely beautiful. Congrats to your parents!

Claire said...

I am still ticked off that we were both there at the same time and did not get together! The party looks like it was alot of fun. 50 years, that is wonderful!

Julie Rowse said...

Marcie, your kids are SO cute!! My mom could totally fit into her wedding dress too. Love it.

Heather and Don said...

You captured the perfect moments at the reunion! Love this blog post!

Lori said...

That looks like tons of fun, I loved all of the pics. It's fun to see your family! Your parents are just stinkin' adorable, i mean really. We missed you while you were gone, but I'm glad you had such a great time.

The Evans Family said...

Thanks Marcie! Those are so great! I loved having you here- we had so much fun!! Thanks for all you did!