Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our first lesson on death

Last night while trying to make dinner, Troy ventured outside to play. I felt like I should go out with him for some reason, so I did. In our backyard sat a nasty old crow. Not that this is unusual, seems like they are out in full force right now, but this big crow wasn't moving. As I got closer, thinking it would fly away, it just stayed put. So I was glad I went out there because I know Troy would have gone right up to it. Anyway, long story short, I think the bird must have broken it's wing or leg or something because it could barely hobble. I tried calling animal control, but they were closed, so, being the awesome woman that I am, I took a bucket and a shovel and scooped it up. That thing was TICKED!! All the while, Erik stood watching and laughing. Ya, some knight in shining armor he is! Anyway, I set him in the street and he hobbled away.

At dinner, Brooklyn asked where the bird went. Here is how the conversation went:

B: Where did the bird go mom?
Me: I think he went to live somewhere else.
B: Did he have a broken wing?
Me: Ya, I think it was that, and he is old too honey, so he went to live with Heavenly Father. Because sometimes when we're old or sick, we get to go live with Heavenly Father.
B: Oh, Heavenly Father will take care of him? Will he give him a nest?
Me: Yes honey, Heavenly Father will definitely take care of him and give him a nest.
B: Does Heavenly Father have a bed for him?
Me: Yes, Heavenly Father has a bed for him, the nest is his bed.
B: Will He fix his wing?
Me: Yes, He will definitely fix his wing.
B: Does Heavenly Father have scissors to fix it? Will he get the scissors from the church?
Me: Yup, He has scissors to fix his wing and He will probably get them from the church.
B: Oh, OK.

Brooklyn has always been such an inquisitive little girl and I love that we were able to take such a small happening to talk a little about where we go when we die. She was so reassured and content with the answer that Heavenly Father would take care of this little bird. And it really brought a lot of needed perspective for me with the recent passing of my sweet uncle. Kids are so in tune with the spirit and so thirsty for the knowledge of the gospel! I am so thankful for the knowledge that when we die, there is a place for us with Heavenly Father, and He will heal our "broken wings."


Claire said...

love little kids minds. They are amazing. We had the same talk with our kids when the duck died.

casa chandler said...

so beautifully sweet. love those "tender mercy" moments.

love, sara said...

Wow that is so adorable. I love that she thinks Heavenly Father needs to borrow scissors from the church lol. She's so precious. I can almost hear Eric laughing too as I read that though. :) lol I'm just impressed you picked it up! That takes girl guts!