Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another catch-up post

Camping with Daddy. Their first Father/Son's camp out. Troy had a blast! And Brooklyn and I had a great girls night out!
Smoothie mustache's. Troy is also sporting a go-tee.

Troy LOVES playing in the dirt. This is his element!
I wish I knew what was going on their little brains. They're so mischievous!!
Me after the "death" race. Ok, ok, I'm exaggerating. But I felt like death at this point. Erik and the kids were there to meet me at the finish line, but he was busy getting them snacks when I crossed so didn't get a picture. That's ok, I'm sure I wasn't a pretty sight at that point anyway! lol It sure was fun though to have them all at the finish line. I love my sweet family!


banananutmeg said...

I like that you post catch ups. Sometimes, I don't post about something significant (or insignificant) because it happened too long ago. But it IS more important to post, than to worry about when it happened. Good for you!

Oh, and the smoothie faces? Cute.
I just bought $1 popsicle molds and have been freezing our favorite smoothie recipes. Popsicles for breakfast? Absolutely!

Julie Rowse said...

Your kids are SO cute, Marcie! I think Troy and Mason would be pretty good friends. They both love dirt and fire. If Troy likes lawnmowers and school buses, then it's a sure thing.