Saturday, December 26, 2009

SANTA!!!!! I know him, I know him!!

We are so blessed. We have two wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, healthy and loving children. We live in a wonderful, be it humble, home. Erik has a wonderful job with a fantastic family-friendly company. We live in a free country. And we have an amazing support system made up of family and great friends. Not to mention we have the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We feel truly blessed this Christmas season! And we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and an amazing New Year! Bring on 2010!

On Christmas Eve we had the Rigtrup's over for some prime rib steaks, then headed over to the Peterson's for dessert and the Nativity. Good times!!

It wouldn't be Christmas without some sugar cookies! The stage for the Nativity. Isn't that awesome?! Thanks again Petersons!
Mary really needed a cow nearby. At least in Brooklyn's mind.

Work it Hyrum. lol
Singing some songs during the Nativity. Brooklyn was really into it. And Troy was too, as you can tell. lol (He's in the red and white striped sweater in the background)
A little sugar cookie frosting for Santa's plate.
Love this picture of these two sweet girls.
Ummm, Brooklyn, maybe just put some sprinkles on your plate instead of drinking them out of the container?!
Erik was being camera shy
Santa even made a SPECIAL visit to give Brooklyn and Troy some pajamas Christmas Eve.


aubrey said...

i love these pictures you took of the nativity. that was such a fun night..i'm glad you guys came!

The Cope Family said...

Geeze! Those cookies look perfect! Oh and I love the pjs! So cute.

The Wi Family said...

How fun!!! We did the Nativity with my family too...but my girls are the only cousins so far. I bet it was so fun to have all of those kids together.