Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brace yourself for a host of Christmas party posts...all month long!

December is a month when we like to cram in as many festivities as possible. No wonder we are all exhausted after the holidays! That being said, we started off December with a bang this year. The first weekend of December included 3, count 'em, 3 Christmas parties. Friday night we crashed the Maplewood Height's ward Christmas dinner with the Rigtrup's and Bakers. Santa even made a stop! Of course I didn't have the camera, but Brooklyn was in Heaven! And they even sang her favorite "song of the moment," "Jingle Bells." Saturday morning was OUR ward Christmas breakfast. Santa couldn't make it (his sleigh was out of commission), but Baby Jesus was there. Brooklyn was the most beautiful little angel (and no, I'm not bias, just honest). Then Saturday afternoon Erik's work threw their annual Kid's Christmas party. Santa's sleigh must have gotten fixed, because he showed up with LOTS of presents!! (Have I mentioned how much we LOVE Erik's employment? Such a GREAT family-centered company). The kids had a ball, and were exhausted by days end...and so were the parents to be honest. But it was a great start to a great Christmas season. More parties to come this weekend! But the ADULT kind...YEA!! Now if only I could get motivated to get our Christmas decorations up...oh and to finish the dang advent calendar I'm making!

Resting up before the parties. Like our "molding" around our window? Ya, someday we'll fix that!
Pretty little angels.
Brooklyn made her entrance a little too early. I guess she figured the Sheperds needed some "guidance." I have to say though, she is a theatre professional in the making. No stage fright at all! That's my girl.

Having a little conversation with Santa. When he walked in, she ran up to him to give him a hug.
She couldn't open her new Mermaid bath doll quickly enough.
Troy wasn't too sure about the strange guy holding him.
Troy got a dump truck!
So there you have it. Listen, I know you all just can't wait for me to post hundreds of pictures of my adorable children. It's ok, I understand the nostalgia. But these will have to do until the next posting. :)


banananutmeg said...

ok brooklyn on santas lap? cuteness!!!

The Evans Family said...

That's great Marcie! Very cute pics! Brooklyn looks so grownup!

John Benac said...

Looks like some sweet toys!