Monday, September 28, 2009

Do the Puyallup!

Aww, the fair. Nothin' beats the fair right? Yummy greasy food, mullets galore, creepy carnies, and parents who put their kids on leashes... Fun times for everyone!

Getting ready to enter the petting zoo, and all I can think is, "We're going to have to pour hand sanitizer on the kids after this. And they had better not pet that bird!! NASTY!"
Troy wanted to give all the animals kisses. Yuck.

He's not quite as soft as Brooklyn was at this age. He LOVES animals!

He seriously just wanted to maul the poor goats.
Getting ready to watch the mutton bustin'. Erik is determined to get Brooklyn on a sheep next year, and Troy in 2 years. Ummm, I don't think so! But it sure is fun to watch other people's little kids fall off and get run over by the sheep.
Brooklyn's 1st ever pony ride!!! She was in HEAVEN! I stood close by...just in case. Yes, I'm THAT kind of mom.

Bangin' the drums with Daddy.
Hey Brooklyn, you've got a monkey on your back! Yes, we put OUR kids on leashes too. Guilty.


banananutmeg said...

disappointment. you promise shots of mullets and carnies and don't deliver?!
other thoughts:
1)How I love the fair.
2)Petting zoos are so nasty...and yet we feel like better parents for taking our children to them. what's that all about?!
3)Brooklyn is so dang cute on the pony ride I can't stand it! Look how happy she is!
4)You look awesome.

Kaila said...

Kate has the exact same monkey leash and I love it. It gives them some freedom but I can still keep her close. I am sure I will use it on the next one too. And I am not too sure why people are opposed to them?

The Cope Family said...

FIrst of all, Marcie, I love your bangs! So cute!! The fair looks fun. Love the pictures of Troy kissing the animals :) Aww... I miss him.

Melissa said...

My children love the petting zoo too. I agree, major hand sanitizer afterwards, but it is so sweet to watch the kids interact with the animals. You look amazing Marcie! What is your secret. You don't look like your body has even had children. I need to look like that. Send me your secrets.

ej said...

Kiddie leashes? We have the one that is a dog- turns out there's a time and a place for them, lol.
For some reason the animals at the fair seem much germier than ones you'd meet at your local farm. There's something about them that just shouts, "MAD COW!", "BIRD FLU!" and "SWINE FLU!" - and yet, what's the fair without the petting zoo?
Your hair is too cute!

The de la Houssaye's said...

Oh how fun the fair! You guys are good parents to take your kids to it. It was so funny how troy wanted to kiss the animals! I would have died!

aubrey said...

ooh, i'm totally snooping on your blog! i just saw the link on kristina's today and jumped over here. so cute!!!

p.s. good seeing you at the park yesterday for like..5 minutes. :)

Heather and Don said...

Looks like fun! I have problems with all the "smells" (not the good food smells) at the fair! Brooklyn is adorable on the pony and Troy just has the best, and most unique personality!

Bree said...

You are so stinkin skinney! I am jealous! The fair looks fun and you look great!

Lori said...

Perhaps troy thought the sign said "necking and petting zoo".
We had tons of fun that day, I'm so glad we went! I've got to come pick up our pics from you so I can get a good blog post in out of it too.

The Merricks said...

Oh I am so jealous, mullets and Carnies... Your family is so cute!

The Evans Family said...

Looks like fun Marcie! At least you dress up your leashes- they're lifesavers!