Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tag: 8 "interesting" things about me

8 Shows I Love to Watch: The Office, Prison Break, Gossip Girl (I know, I know), 90210, The Hills, Food Network, Lost...I can't think of anything else
8 Things That Happened Yesterday: ran in the POURING rain, Brooklyn cracked me up (pretty much an every day occurance, she's quite the performer), went to Kidzbounce for Brooklyn's friend Ella's b-day, Troy spit up on me (another every day occurance ha ha!), let Brooklyn eat her first McDonald's hamburger, drove Toni to Des Moines and had a nice chat, took a 10 minute nap (love it when I can do that!), watched a movie that was a TOTAL waste of time (the Prince and Me 3, why did I rent that? LAME!)
8 Places I Love to Eat: Ruth's Chris, Simply Thai, Pita Pit (I miss it!), Chipotle, Maggiano's, Fat Burger, Panera Bread, Daniel's Broiler (ok, I've actually never been there, but I'd REALLY like to go SOMETIME!! Hint, hint) : )
8 Things I am Looking Forward to: Thanksgiving, losing this dang baby weight, running Robie again, not being pregnant next summer, watching Brooklyn and Troy grow up, Christmas, getting my hair done, Erik's work Christmas party (I don't get out much)
8 Things on my Wish List: a house, healthy kiddos, my parents live at least another 20 years, that Megan would move to Seattle :), Hudson jeans (or Citizen would work too), a new wardrobe, Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag, some "Spanx" (I need something to hold in all this flab!)

8 people I tag: Jenae, Mandy, Heather, Megan (come on, you need to update SOMETIME!), Melissa, Mandi, Brianne, Kim, & Cassie ~that's 9, but what are you gonna do? :)


Camille Gould said...

K, the Hills, Gossip Girl and the Office are my three favs and basically the only thing I'm watching right now!

The Harpers said...


It's been a long time. Looks like a cute family. Glad to see you're doing well.

Scott Harper

Kaila said...

Hey Marcie,
How did you find me. You all look so good. You are one brave women to have kids that close together. They are so cute. I hope everything is going well. I wish I lived in Seattle WA.

Claire said... Basically you can turn your blog into a book. I don't journal, so I think this will cover me for my future generations, hopefully. Have a good day and stop talking about losing weight, you look fabulous. How old is your son anyway, like 2 days, give it time.

The McLinn Clan said...

I need to get my hair done about a girl's day? Lunch, and the salon...what do ya think??!! I wish!:) Have a great MONDAY!

Auna Leigh said...

Love you! Love 90210, not as good as the 1st but still good stuff!

Cassie said...

Marcie you are so funny. 90201, that is still playing somewhere. It might be time for us to get more than 8 channels.
Ok, I'll play so stay tuned.
Right now there is some more news on the blog. Call me when you view it.

The Moore Family said...

Hi Marcie! I do remember you, you were in the 9th ward with me for a short little bit, also you acted in my families theatre, Starlight! I will tell Andy you said hello (he never looks on this blog thing!) You're family is adorable! Good to hear from you!

Rod said...

Daniel's Broiler was good, almost as expensive as Ruth's Chris, and almost as good.

Just go to Fatburger. I think that's a pretty romantic date.

Erik and Marcie + 2 said...

Date? What's that? : )

URallwinners said...

Okay, Now what am I supposed to do? I'm a little slow at this whole blog thing!!!

The Merricks said...

I hope you weren't referring to me because I just totally updated my blog lady. I have been a little busy.