Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boys' Baby Shower

Well Brooklyn's uncle (Erik's brother) Brett was in town this week, and the guys decided to have a little Baby shower, with games and all. You see Brett and aunt Colleen are expecting their 5th child the beginning of May (a baby boy). So since we are also expecting in August, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to have a "baby shower", and the perfect opportunity for the boys to go to a Mariner's game. So check out the photos...they played the good ole Smelly Diaper game. Brett was spot on, guessing both of his diapers...but Erik on the other hand...couldn't even identify his favorite soda in the whole wide world on his first guess.

Brett sniffs the Guacamole:
Erik takes a diaper shot of Pepsi:

Brett and his Mountain Dew (Andrew would be jealous!):
Brooklyn and Brett, and Brett at Safeco Field:


Cassie said...

Good times. Marcie, I love your blog. It's so fun to stay connected this way.