Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy & Healthy

Posted by her daddy:

Brooklyn had her 6 month appointment two weeks ago, and she hadn't gained any weight but had grown a few inches in height!!! While she didn't look as chubby as before, there were side effects that were cause for concern. She hadn't seemed to be as cheerful or sleeping nearly as well. We figured maybe she just wasn't getting enough milk from Marcie (due to the pregnancy). The pediatrician supported our theory, as did Brooklyn, I'm sure (she'd agree with anything if it means more food for her). It was a fight to get her to take a bottle of formula at first...but now, you'd think she had just won the lottery every time she sees a bottle!!! She is loving her formula (not to mention her gerber foods). She is gaining weight (up to 16 lbs now, per my scale this morning). She is happy (just check her out in her jumper below - how can that cute little laugh not make you do the same?). She is sleeping much better (she even falls asleep on my chest now). And best of all...she is ecstatic every time her daddy walks through the front door (which is the best feeling in the world).