Monday, January 28, 2008

All dressed up

Brooklyn just looked too cute on Sunday for church to not post this picture. Thanks Aunt Maureen for the adorable coat! This is also probably the last picture of me where I will look some-what thin, for a while at least. Bring on the belly! FYI, I had to unzip my dang skirt half-way through church. Good thing I was wearing a long sweater to cover it! LOL! By the way, my hair really isn't that huge, there's a shadow. : )


Teah said...

Your hair isn't THAT huge...but's it's definitely enviably large! My hair always parts in the middle and flops over if I try anything bigger than a bump!

Brooklyn is DEFINITELY a cutie!

Katie Ferguson said...

I can't believe how fast Brooklyn is growing. Congrats on being pregnant. That's exciting. I just wish you guys lived closer so we could see you all more often.

Bobbins & Toodles said...

Hey Erik and Marcie-its sheri, you know who used to hang out with the boy band. I found your blog through jared and mycas. Your little girl is so cute and congrats on another one soon! Thats exciting! GOOD LUCK! You can check out our blog: