Sunday, December 16, 2012

The one at the kids Christmas party and SANTA!

I think I say it every year (and multiple times throughout the year), Erik works for the best company! They are a small corporation, but they really cater to families. Not only do they have a fantastic adult Christmas party, but they have a simply delightful kids Christmas party too, where Santa comes and delivers presents to all the kids. The kids have started looking forward to this party every year! We are truly blessed and thankful for our NAES family.

"Cookies as big as my face?! Ok!"

"And lemon bars too?!"

"Umm num num"

Sweet Brooklyn coloring her wooden Christmas ornaments. They were scattered on the tables for the kids to color. So fun

Troy enjoying his lunch 

The girls!

Love this. Troy ADORES his Daddy

The boys

Dear Erik, If you take pictures like this, I will post them. Love, your adoring wife :)

This is the same Santa they have every year. He's the best and has the most gorgeous Santa suit!

Trying not to show how excited he is about his nerf gun. 

Santa looks like he has her in a death grip, but he was just trying to get her on his lap, and this is the best picture I have of her on his lap...

Savannah was surprisingly calm, Santa was surprised as well! 

We are so blessed. 

The night of the adult Christmas party, and the ever awkward prom stance. It's always fun to get dressed up!