Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The one with the teenager

We were fortunate enough to have my sister Heidi and her husband Mike, and 16 (or 17?!) year old daughter (Jenica) come into town for a quick over-night visit. We stayed up late Sunday, crammed in a quick Insanity workout in the morning, then hit the town for a quick lunch before they had to jet out. Jenica slept-in a while in the morning and my kids kept asking, "When is our cousin Jenica going to wake up?!" Heidi just told them, "She's a teenager!!"  On the way home from lunch, this conversation ensued:

Brooklyn: "Mom, is Jenica a teenager?"
Me: "Yup."
Brooklyn: "Mom, do teenagers like to sleep a lot?"
Me: "Yup."
Brooklyn: "Oh, so then YOU'RE a teenager too huh?!"
Me: "Yup, it's my youthful glow." lol

I guess I sleep a lot. Or would like to. :)  Funny girl.


Meg said...

I remember being a teenager and thinking I never slept. If only I had known then that 6am seminary has nothing on 4am kid puke! When my kids are older and complain of being tired, I plan on using the line, "you don't know tired until you can't tell me what day of the week it is."