Monday, October 10, 2011

Are we to that age already?!

This weekend, Brooklyn went on her first "late-over." (kids aren't really doing sleep-overs anymore, but they do late-overs where the kids stay late. So fun! And I'm pretty sure my parents would have MUCH preferred late-overs to sleep-overs where it seems no one sleeps anyway!)Anyway,  after I got off the phone with her friends mom (Toni), I had to stop and think, "Wow, is she really already old enough for "late-overs"?! It blows my mind how mature and grown up Brooklyn is. So I dropped her off and sent her on her way to "hang" with her friends! She had such a blast, and we are looking forward to having her own late-over at our house!!

All set and ready to go with her pillow, sleeping bag, and jammies!


Brittany said...

how cute! they grow up crazy fast...