Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh sweet summer days

We didn't have much of a summer here this year. We only had a few "hot" days (in the 80's, if you can even call that hot!). But we made sure to make the most of what we got nonetheless. The kids LOVED running through the sprinklers and sliding on the slip n slide. Fun times in the sun! And a little break for Momma can't be beat! :)

Savannah and I chilled in the shade while the kids played. Such a sweet baby!

After a long day of hard play, they fell right to sleep! Silly girl.


Brianne said...

Fun! Your kids need to teach mine how to properly use a slip and slide :-).

Carolyn Benik said...

Ditto what Brianne said! Mine won't slide on their stomachs on it properly to save their lives! :)I'm going to show them these pictures. :)
Your family is just adorable, as always!

Erik said...

Here's how you teach them to go down a slip and slide...

Just have dad throw them down it on their stomach's, no matter how badly they scream or cry. :)

It also helps when dad show's them how to do it, even when he is fully clothed.

Brittany said...

cute pics! Gotta love that sun!