Friday, March 11, 2011


Yesterday I was driving in the car with the kids to music time and Brooklyn said to me
"Mommy, how is the baby going to come out of your tummy?"

Me:"Ugh....welll, hmm."

What the heck do I tell this little 3 year old? The truth?! No way! That's just a little too much for her I was thinking. So I decided to give her a simple answer:

Me:"Well, Mommy will go to the hospital, and the Dr will take the baby out!"
Brooklyn:"Oh, ok." 

Whew! Dodged that bullet! For a minute there I thought we were going to have to call Grandma and have her explain. I'm not ready for these tough questions! lol


Nicole said...

Ha! That's awesome. Good answer!

Brianne said...

That's exactly what I told Kaylin and it totally worked for her too. It's good to remember that they don't always need the full answer, just enough to appease their curiosity. Hopefully that answer will work for quite a few more years :-).

banananutmeg said...

you are lucky. Reese wanted more details, and after an awful attempt on my end...she was convinced (with no changing of her mind) that I would poop her brother out. Ugh is right.
I think the husband should have to be the one to explain it, because
1)they owe it to us, we do all the laboring
2)then we can see if THEY even understand yet how the baby is going to get here ;)

Lori said...

Way to think fast on your feet! My mom is a physical therapist and with her medical background decided to tell me all of the specifics about birds, bees, babies, birthing just way too young. I was horrified! So yeah, I'm glad you saved her innocence a bit longer.

Claire said...

That's what I tell my boys. Brigg keeps asking "how the doctor get's it out" I just tell him not to worry about it.

Jen O said...

Don't you love their curious minds? Of course, I say that and the subject hasn't been brought up in our house yet. I'll remember your response if/when it does. :-)

Taylor Lamb said...

I really love your blog! cute kids!

Brittany said...

thats hilarious! I learned the hard way that 3 year olds ask these "tough" questions but they really don't expect a full answer. The simpler the better! Just a wait a few years and those simple answers probably won't cut it and then we'll be in trouble! :)