Monday, December 27, 2010

It's never too late right?!

Our friends the Richardson's graciously had us over for Thanksgiving this year. Brittany set the tables BEAUTIFULLY, and made some amazing food!! We had such a blast, and the kids probably had even more fun. :) They have a little boy who is Brooklyn's age, who Troy just LOVES! It's fun for him to have boy friends, since there aren't many boys his age around here. Thanks again for having us!!

The adult table.

The kids table. LOVE that little Mayflower centerpiece!

The Turkey. It was perfectly moist and delicious. Just like a turkey should be.

Eric, the carver. :)

Is that the cutest face or what? The kids enjoyed playing with Denali and riding on her back.

The kids making their apple turkeys.

Our hostess and her cute son. He was making a silly face.