Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Livin' the good life

We've been busy over here at the Paternoster house. Last week we went to an elementary school carnival with some friends. The kids had a blast! Well, Brooklyn did at least. Troy wouldn't go in any bounce houses and he cried on the train ride. Silly boy! I guess he was a little tired. Poor kid. But they did get some SWEET "face" paintings on their arms. And both were so sad when their paintings disappeared! I mean, they had to bathe sometime!
I just thought this picture was hilarious of these two grown boys riding the train. There's another grown man on the other side, but he's not in the picture. Too funny!

Troy showing off his muscles.

I was able to go visit my sister and her family in Corvallis last weeked for my nephews graduation. My parents made the trip up as well and brought my neice Aundrea. Zac (the graduate) spoke at his graduation (he was ASB pres.). And I must say, even though I am biased, he did an amazing job! All the other speakers were goofy and immature. His was inspiring, brave and just what those future leaders of ours needed to hear. I hope they are smarter than I was and will actually remember what he spoke about. Anyway, we had a great time spending time with family. Thanks again Neuffers!!

Troy LOVED the kittie! He's an outside cat, but Heidi brought him in special for the kids so they would sit though FHE. lol

Brooklyn was in HEAVEN with her sweet cousins. She would come ask me constantly, "Where are the girls?"

Aww, snuggling with Grandpa. He is seriously ATTACHED to him. When we first got to the house, Grandpa wasn't there, and Troy was SO concerned! Oh, and wrestling on the tramp. This was BEFORE Troy's bonk and huge welt on his head.

We even celebrated my Mom's 69th birthday when we were there, June 14th, Flag Day. Happy birthday!!

Troy enjoying some watermelon.

Enjoying the sun and watermelon on the deck with Grandma.

Zac speaking. Dang, I need a zoom lens!

Check out his hat! Did you all decorate your caps? We didn't, and I thought it was such a great idea! His said "Rush baby!" For Rush Limbaugh of course. lol I'm sure all his ultra-liberal teachers LOVED it!

The proud parents and my awesome nephew! Did I mention he got a full-ride ROTC scholarship to BYU? Yup, he's super smart! He must get it from his favorite Aunt. hehe


The de la Houssaye's said...

How fun!!! Way to go ZACH!! I am glad you guys had fun! Love the "body paintingss"!

Claire said...

Marcie, you are a BABE!

Brittany said...

fun times and cute pics!! Aren't families the best?!!