Sunday, April 25, 2010

We hate to see them go

My parents made a short, but sweet trip up to visit us this weekend. They got in late Friday afternoon, and left Sunday morning. We always love having them come visit, and of course the kids just adore their Grandma and Grandpa Hill! Friday night we enjoyed a quiet dinner at home (hamburgers, made from Grandpa's famous cows of course!). Then Saturday we packed up (literally, I mean, who knew kids needed so much crap for just a day trip?!), and headed up north to Mount Vernon for the annual Tulip festival. The tulips bloomed early this year, so we barely made it before they all get "topped-off" (this just means they cut off the flower part of the tulip so that the good nutrients from the stem goes back into the bulb, and the bad nutrients from the flower don't). All of the fields had already either been harvested, or topped-off, but Tulip Town was still a'bloomin'. Mostly at least. It was windy and a little rainy, but we still enjoyed ourselves. The kids especially enjoyed the tractor ride, and of course my Dad asked if he could drive. Maybe next year they said! Ha! But I have to say, I think the hit of the whole trip was once again riding in Grandma and Grandpa's posh travel van. Brooklyn and Troy were in HEAVEN watching DVD's on the big screen tv (ok, big for a car that is, I think it's like 28 in?).

When we got home, we even got a little work done (and when I say we, I mean my Dad and Erik). Dad brought his chain saw and cut up some trees we had laying around from recent winter wind storms. They even brought us some more meat! Yippee!! We loved having them here and hated seeing them go. Troy cried when they left. Poor kid. Only a few more months though, and we get to spend all kinds of time with them in Boise! So for now, the kids will be counting down the days until July when they can see Grandma and Grandpa Hill again (and of course all our other family in Boise). Thanks again Mom and Dad!

See? What did I tell ya? They're glued to the tv.

Can you believe they will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this August?!

I love how hard my Dad is trying to get Brooklyn to smile in this picture. Classic.

It was so cold! But at least we were staying somewhat dry on the ride.


Helen Noel Robison Rich said...

How fun! You look a whole lot like your mamma, and a little like your dad too!

Hope the training is going well. Love ya friend.

ej said...

I had never heard about these tulips before and some friends of ours who just moved home from Taiwan did a blog about them- they are so beautiful! It looks like something out of a movie. How fun to get to go with your parents and "ride in style". The pictures turned out great.

Darin and Melinda said...

Wow! Those Tulips are amazing! Your kids look adorable, and CONGRATS to your parents on 50 years!

Cassie said...

The flowers are beautiful! My garden will look like that some day..after I die:) Looks like a great time. I'm sure the Grandparents were in heaven too. Sweet people! And I love your hair Marcie, it's getting so long!

Brian or Julie said...

Your family looks so cute and your folks look amazing. Are you going o be in Bosie this summer? We'll be there mid June until end July about 7 weeks I would love to see you. Happy Bday next week!!!

Shanna Foster said...

What great pictures. I love the ones of your kids with grandma and grandpa Hill. They are so cute.

aubrey said...

hello! your mama is gorgeous. like mother, like daughter.