Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rockband, princesses, & little cuties

Had a fun night of Rockband at the Rigtrup's. Rock on!
Pretty princesses. Yes, Troy was dressed up too, but he had gone to bed by this point.
Popcorn and a movie. Nothing better right?! My babies are getting so big!


The Cope Family said...

Not only are they getting so big, but they are looking more and more like you and Erik! It's crazy how much they look like both of you! Sweet babies :)

The de la Houssaye's said...

What adorable kids! And I agree with Nicole they look just like you guys, the perfect match of both of you! And I love the princess costume!

banananutmeg said...

Rock Band is the greatest invention ever for one reason alone:
I can tell within 30 seconds of play how much fun a person (that I'm meeting for the first time) is, and whether or not I will totally love them, or put them on the "screen incoming calls" list!

Looks like a fun night!

Heather and Don said...

Love the smiles! Brooklyn is getting to be so old! (love the sipper cup!lol)

The Wi Family said...

So fun and stinkin cute pictures!!! Love your kids! We need to have a get together soon! We've got rockband here too :)

The McLinn Clan said...

Darling pics!! And what a f u n night!! So glad all is well in Seattleland!!:)