Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or treat, smell my feet!

Aww, the Halloween festivities are over. Time to move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!! Yipee!! Halloween was jam-packed and very fun this year. We went to a fun playgroup at the Wi's (thanks again Kristina!), went to our ward party, gave some blood to the "vampires," (just Erik and myself), had a fun pre-trick-or-treating dinner with friends, then headed out for some goodies! Brooklyn and Troy were EXHAUSTED from all the activities. Short naps + late nights + early mornings= grumpy, tired children!! Needless to say, Brooklyn had fun trick-or-treating, but certainly didn't last as long as she did last year. Troy rode in the stroller up to each house, then would get out, and proceed to try and enter their houses. The dogs in people's doorways were of course huge hits with both kids. All in all it was a great Halloween. Brooklyn has asked me every day since if we are going to a party to get candy again today. Who knows B...maybe Grandma and Grandpa Hill and Paternoster will let you trick-or-treat at their homes next week.
Some of my pictures won't upload, so you're missing our sweet playgroup party costumes. The kids wore their BSU football uniforms and I wore my jersey.

"Umm Brother Mortenson, WHAT are you doing?!" He's the 2nd counselor in the Bishopbric. And he's awesome. The cute nurse is his wife. Erik went as the Yankee's bat boy. We kind of put our costumes together at the last minute...like always. Don't want to break tradition!!
The kids before trick-or-treating
Aww, the fam. Don't the kids look thrilled?


Kim Davis said...

I love how Troy just wanted to go in people's homes and pet the dogs. There was a dog at the first house we went to and my kids were so afraid. If it weren't for the candy, our night might have ended right then and there.

Erik said...

I think Marcie's comment was misleading. Troy wanted to walk in EVERY house. Regardless of dogs, candy selection, owners, etc. He was basically saying, thanks for the candy...I think I'll come in and stay a while. It was pretty funny.

The de la Houssaye's said...

What adorable costumes! I love them. Hilarious about troy wanting to go into every house! How fun!

Heather and Don said...

Very cute! Did you get any candy? :) Love the Troy stories! Keep them coming!

Darin and Melinda said...

Wow, what a cute family! Can't wait to read the Holiday updates!