Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crazy Girl

We were standing in the kitchen and heard Troy laughing really hard. What's going on out there? Brooklyn was rockin his world. So funny. She is such a cheeseball when it comes to the camera! It's hard to get video of what she is spontaneously doing, becuase she wants to start posing as soon as the camera comes out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

6 months already?!

Wow, these 6 months have FLOWN by! I can't believe our little chunker is already 6 months old! Troy is now sitting up, rolling over consistently (from tummy to back at least), grabbing chunks of his sister and Mommy's hair, yanking out Mommy's earrings, eating his toes, throwing fits when things are taken away from him, and screaming so loudly you have to take a double take on who the scream is coming out of! He LOVES his big sister and she is constantly making him giggle and smile. He is also a little bit of a Momma's boy, and really doesn't like her to be out of his sight. He loves his baby food, and can't seem to get enough of it. Brooklyn calls it his "nummies." He also loves to use his 2 chompers (mainly on me, OUCH!). We are waiting with baited breath for him to start crawling...OK, not really. I am willing to wait as long as he wants for him to be on the move. So Troy, take your time buddy! And now that he's 6 months, we're hoping he'll grow out of his "little" problem of not sleeping through the night. Time to sleep train!! Yippe!! We love out little chunky-monkey, or as Daddy affectionately calls him, T-Rex.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday's conversation as we pulled onto the street where Daddy works:

Brooklyn: "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"
Me: "Ya B, this is where Daddy works. You're such a smart girl!"
Brooklyn states proudly: "I know."

Smartie-pants. Love that little girl!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Go Broncos!

We took the kids to watch the Boise State tennis team this weekend. Erik got them all decked out in orange and blue, so we had to take pics. Brooklyn of course just ran around the whole time, while I chased her. I guess they won too. Then we drove around different areas of Seattle we had never been. I have decided I want to live in Magnolia. It is a beautiful little suburb on the sound with tons of character. Just a "little" out of our price range, but a girl can dream right?

Brooklyn, the camera lense is NOT a phone, and your brother doesn't want to talk! "Can we just GO please!"

Happy baby boy.
Two of Brooklyn's favorite things, her toothbrush, and watching Barney.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Long white beards...

Attention old men with long white beards, white hair, and red shirts: If my daughter sees you, she will shout out "SANTA!!" with great enthusiasm. Don't be alarmed.

We saw such a man yesterday at Albertson's. Funny girl.