Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a fun New Years. We went out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants (Simply Thai) with the Rigtrup's, and then partied for a couple hours at the Baker's. We came home, celebrated New Year's at 10 with Brooklyn by letting her bang on pots and pans, then put her to bed. Erik and I BARELY made it to midnight. We're such old fogies! Did anyone else tear up watching Dick Clark? So sad!

A couple of days ago, I was letting Brooklyn color, and this is how I found her. I had to get a picture of her next to her "work." Good thing they are washable! Little stinker. I'm sure we have many more years to look forward to her little shenanigans. It will get really interesting in a year with little brother in tow.

And the other pictures were just taken quickly before church. I finally put the finishing touches on her dress I made. Now I need a new sewing project!
Happy New Year!! Excited much?!
Oh, how she loves her little brother! Don't I look pretty Mom?!

Now THAT was FUN!
Our handsome man, always stuck in his swing!


Melissa Taylor said...

She is so absolutly adorable!! Happy new year.Love ya~~

Nathan and Nicole said...

Those pots and pans bring out Brooklyn's true personality! haha, jk, I love her dress... I need to find some cute little girl dresses!! I don't have enough :)

The Wi Family said...

I didn't know you made that dress!!!! It's so cute--very impressive!

Philip and Melissa said...

Happy new year to your beautiful little fam!

Kim Davis said...

What a great idea to celebrate early with the kiddo's. Ours just got tired at 10 and put themselves to bed. I'll have to file that idea away for next year.

Texas Turleys said...

I love the dress you made! Brooklyn looks so darling! Glad you guys had a fun new years! :)

Heather and Don said...

Nice work sewing the dress! Love the "pots and pans" tradition! They didn't used to have washable markers or crayons! Very funny! Happy New Year!

banananutmeg said...

hey, the mr clean magic eraser got crayon off of EVERYthing when I was teaching preschool...give it a shot on the wall if you have trouble getting it out.

For food storage...we felt the same way before we had a house, and HATED the idea of buying more bulk to move with us from place to place. I'd start with rice if I were you...
this summer there was a rice shortage around here and it was kind of creepy to go to walmart, sams, and every grocery store and not be able to FIND ANY RICE to purchase. Not that we eat a TON, but it is easy to store (can it in #10's or even just put the bags in a sterilite storage bin to keep them save from BUGS) and it lasts like forever, so it's easy to take with you, or shove under a bed somewhere. Rice alone can keep you alive and hydrated in an emergency.
Not that I'm an expert or anything...but I totally remember feeling like we had no room to store anything anywhere! formula and a bottle for Troy. (even if you are breastfeeding)

I love the pots and pans banging...we used to do that when I was a kid!