Thursday, December 18, 2008

Troy Oliver...4 Months Old

Our little baby boy is becoming not so little anymore. Despite the downfall of snow and the consequential mass confusion it caused to any native Washingtonian we made the trek to the Pediatrician only to find out that the call verifying the Dr would be in was filled with deceit and lies. So we took the opportunity to weigh the kiddos, with clothes on though. Troy weighed 18 lbs fully clothed. And Brooklyn weighed 22.5 lbs fully clothed. Troy has become such a pleasant child, constantly smiling and only crying for us to stop walking by him and pick him up. His eyes light up any time we pass him by or even direct one simple word or glance his way. But no one gets a larger smile from this sweet little boy than his sweet big sister who is constantly showering him with loves and kisses, and the occasional smack to remind him who is boss. We really have the cutest, sweetest, smartest, funniest, most loveable, and stinkiest (troy, that is) children in the world, which is the direct product of such a wonderful mother!

Does that first photo look like a mugshot or what?
Brooklyn Joy at 4 Months
They definitely have the leg rolls to match!!


The Merricks said...

Cute kids Marcie!

Heather and Don said...

Happy 4 month birthday to Troy! They grow up fast!

Melissa Taylor said...

Adorable. Love you guys!!!

Schouman's said...

It is crazy how fast they grow!Especially during the first year...and I would have to agree that they have a pretty wonderful Mom!!!:)

Cassie said...

How do you get it all done. I come to your blog and you've done a thousand things. You are awesome. And beautiful. I love the picture of you and Eric going to the company party.
Also, I love the stockings you gave the girls. Thanks. Mike is home and we are loving it!
Merry Christmas.