Monday, August 4, 2008

MORE pictures...

Ok, I know we've already posted a link for the sneak preview of our pictures, but now we have the online gallery with ALL the pictures, and I really need your help! Which pictures would you get? Help us! I guess we're biased, but Brooklyn is too cute in all the pictures!

On another note, I'm still pregnant. : ) BUT, we MAY have a baby by the weekend. We'll see. I have my appointment tomorrow. I'm feeling great though! Also, we're all moved in to our "new" apartment. I haven't organized everything yet, or hung pictures or anything, and some things are still in boxes, but we're in. Thank goodness I had Erik. He did EVERYTHING!! He even cleaned the old apartment for me. What a guy. :)

Here is the link:


Snyder Family said...

Those are some really cute pictures. I can't tell you which ones to pick. How about one of every one. Your photographer did such a great job. You look so cute pregnant! Hope all goes well with delievery. We wil keep posted to see when this little one arrives.

Aunt LoLo said...

Alright...BBJ's helping me, so all I can manage is a running list! ;-)

5, 12, 14, 20, 28, 31,46, 47, 48, 50, 60, 62, 64

I hope that helps! It's just the ones that caught my attention - they're all so great! (I know, it's SUPER hard to be objective when it's your own little princess in the pictures!)

Hnrr said...

Marcie! How fun, it is always so hard to narrow down photo shoots. There are lots of great shots, These are my favorites.


Claire said...

Hey Marcie, I love the color one of you in front of the gum wall and the last black and white family shot is very sweet. As far as Brooklyns, they are all cute so good luck with that one.

The Chandlers said...

so those are all awesome! what a great photographer and what a beautiful family! my favs are:
1, 6, 8, 9, 26, 35, 37, 55, 59
but good luck! they're all so good you really can't go wrong!
best of luck to you on the birth of baby #2 and everything that goes with it! you'll do great and i'm excited for the updates!