Monday, March 31, 2008

One more thing...

My Dad was here in town on a short layover from the airport, so we were able to pick him up and go to breakfast. It was so fun to see him and Brooklyn loved every minute. She loves her Grandpa! Thanks again Dad! Love you! P.S. I'm not sure why the picture is blurry, I must have changed the settings on the camera without knowing it. Ugh.


camillian said...

So cute! Don't you sometimes wish that Brooklyn lived closer to her grandparents? My parents live out of state too and Ellah just loves them to pieces, I wish we lived a little closer. Luckily we have the phone and email because Ellah is seriously asking to call grandma and grandpa like once a day at least and she loves "writing emails" to them too. I guess it makes those visits so much more special.

Scott & Jamie said...

Hey Marcie! I hope you remember me from the 4th ward in Boise... anyways found your blog and thought I'd say hello! Can't believe you're pregnant w/ 2nd... so am I! We're moving this summer to Indiana for Dental School. It sounds like you are loving it in Washington, take care and keep in touch!
p.s. your girl is simply adorable!