Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When did "they" start charging for AIR???

So Brooklyn and I were going out for our morning run, when I noticed my tires on the jogging stroller were a little flat. So I thought, "well, no problem, we'll just go to the local gas station next door and fill them up." I briefly thought to myself, "Should I bring my wallet? No, it's air, why would they charge for air? They never did when I was little and we would fill up our bike tires." So out we go to the gas station for some air. Low and behold, it costs 75 cents to fill up your tires! I stood out there for a minute or so trying to figure out if I could at least get a little for free. Luckily, the gas station attendant must have seen my confusion and came out and helped me and flipped the switch inside for me so I could get "free" air. What a nice guy. Needless to say, I was only able to fill two of my three tires because I am completely ignorant on how to fill tires without first deflating them completely. Yes, the air ran out, so I went on my way with 2 full tires, and one somewhat flat tire. Oh well, it worked for today. Brooklyn didn't seem to mind at least! She loves our runs. Here she is all bundled up!

By the way, if you know anyone who is interested in a jogging stroller, I am selling mine. It's a Chariot cougar 1 and it's virtually new. I have used it a bunch, but I have taken REALLY good care of it. I'm selling it for $350, and $50 for the jogging kit. It's a great deal. I need a double now , obviously. They usually sell for $500 new, plus $70 for the jogging kit.


Marcieloves the Clintons said...

Hello??? Many gas stations have charged for air for as long as I can remember. Many charge .25 cents and some even .50 cents. You are lucky when you find the free ones! I am sure in snoby Seattle they all charge for air.

lcspencer said...

Congrats on the need for a double stroller. I hope all is going well for you. It is fun having them close together...sometimes.